D2K Fitness 2.0


Darrin Kubik is a fitness expert with 8+ years of fitness training experience.  He is a certified W.I.T.S Personal Trainer, GMP golf conditioning specialist, and a strength and weight-loss coach.  For the health and safety of his clients, he is First Aid, CPR, and AED certified as well.

Darrin’s fitness programs incorporate all aspects of whole body fitness, including dynamic flexibility, core strength, stability ball training, speed and explosive power, weight management, strength training, cutting edge nutrition and Guaranteed Success!

He has a wide variety of programs for men and women of all ages.  Each program is customized to the client, based on their experience, schedule, and most importantly, their goals.  If you have a fitness goal, Darrin has a program that will get you there faster than you thought possible.


D2K Personal Fitness and Sport Performance

Everyday is a new day.  Make the next one, better than before.